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Environmental Consultants & Expert Testimony

Triassic Technology, Inc. is a team of globally recognized experts in Environmental Age Dating and Forensic Services.

We have decade of collective experience in the field of “forensic hydrogeology”, which includes the age dating of contaminants in the environment and the fingerprinting of spilled hazardous chemicals.  Our specialty is the history surrounding leaded gasoline and we can investigate and age date historical gasoline releases. Learn more about the unparalleled experience of the Triassic Technology staff

We can provide Environmental Consulting and Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) services in addition to expert witness testimony. Call us today and we can walk you through the entire process.

Triassic Technology, Inc.

Triassic Technology, Inc.

Triassic Technology, Inc.

  • Do you have underground petroleum tank at your property?
  • Not sure if it’s leaking?
  • Are you facing legal action for an environmental problem?

Environmental Due Diligence

Triassic Technology is proficient in conducting diligent inquiries to identify potential environmental areas of concern on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. More info

Forensic Investigations

Triassic Technology is an industry leader in conducting environmental forensic investigations to age-date contaminant releases.  Our forensic investigations enable us, on behalf of our clients, to historically trace and provide the timeframe of subsurface release. More info.

Residential Services

Triassic Technology’s professionals have conducted hundreds of site and remedial investigations, particularly on residential properties with underground heating oil storage tanks (USTs). More info.

Contact Triassic Technology today and let’s take the first steps toward a solution.